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Nova & Joy's Bios


Nova's Story:

Married for twenty 22 years with two kids, Nova has moved 17 times. She has purchased, designed and sold 4 homes all while having a limited budget. The in between rental homes could not keep her from creating an inviting space while blessing her landlords. She could not help herself. She had to make every single space her own because she knew the value of an organized, efficient and beautiful space and the value that this sort of peace brought to their home. These inspirational spaces always led to more creativity. professional songwriter and artist by trade, she always found herself throwing themed parties, baby showers, weddings and designing friends homes. Without fail there would inevitably be yet another person who wanted her help.

Joy's Story:

Joy is a wife and mom of two kids who left the corporate world to become a stay at home mom at 37 years of age. After purchasing their first home together and merging their styles, Joy and Kevin found it challenging to achieve a fluid look. Through trial and error and endless returns, they knew they needed help. After saving up for several years they decided to hire a top designer. The experience was amazing and the end result astonishing. However, they realized that this was a once in a lifetime investment. As Joy came across friends and family with the same needs, it soon came to her attention that everybody needs an interior designer, but let’s face’s expensive!!! 


Nova Joy Interiors Story:

Nova and Joy got to thinking.....with Nova’s design eye and experience partnered with Joy’s corporate background in operations, they realized that they could come together and truly help women who feel overwhelmed by the pressure to have a Pinterest Perfect home. Their desire is to give women a beautiful but functional space that represents their life without breaking the bank. They are Nova Joy Interiors, otherwise lovingly known as Best Blondes who love to create fun, warm, organized, inviting and affordable spaces for every season of life! Whether you live in your forever home or living in a transitional space, they can help you find and achieve your style and design. When our clients walk into their new space, we desire for them to be at peace. When you have a home that is peaceful it becomes a springboard for life.

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