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About Nova Joy Interiors

We are Nova Joy Interiors...we are accessible and creative designers who help our clients discover and achieve their style in a fun and affordable way.


Sometimes the word "design" can be so intimidating. Immediately you feel disqualified. You walk into Home Goods and you are faced with your dilemma. Surrounded by beautiful things you throw your hands in the air, look around for your design angel, only to find other lost, desperate shoppers with that same dazed and confused look. All asking the same question, "how in the world does one put all this stuff together?"

You purchase, you bring home and you bring back. Vicious, I tell you, Vicious. Let us come and bring a beam of light, letting the music play, and become your (less than perfect for sure) designer angels and rescue you from the madness. Allow us to help you find solutions to the areas in your home that have disillusioned you. With our fresh eye we can give you ideas, perspective, and help you achieve results for your short term and long term design goals. Let's Dream Together!


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